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The role of data in the energy transition

The energy transition, away from fossil fuels and towards more renewable energy sources that do not emit co2 and particulate matter is in full swing. You can see it in solar panels already on hundreds of thousands of roofs in Flanders, but also in the installation of heat pumps and home batteries, and the rapid increase in electric mobility, both on two and four wheels.

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So new and promising steps are constantly being taken, yet this transition remains one of the biggest challenges of the coming decades. The question remains how can we make our energy supply more sustainable, while also taking into account the needs and wishes of citizens and businesses?

The answer is: data!

Data is the fuel for innovation and artificial intelligence. By using and sharing data intelligently, we can find new solutions to tomorrow's energy issues. And Athumi is the ideal partner for data sharing in the energy transition.

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As a neutral third party, Athumi is the only actor that can provide the crucial framework conditions to deploy (energy) data smoothly and securely:

  • A secure and reliable infrastructure for sharing data between all parties involved.
  • Guarantees that data remains in the hands of its owner, and that it is used only for its intended purpose.
  • Respect for the privacy and autonomy of citizens and businesses.
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Use cases

We are currently working with partners on two concrete projects that focus on the smart use of data in the energy transition.

EnergieGrip: data sharing for better long-term planning at grid operators

Getting a better grip on the energy transition among professional customers in Flanders, that is the aim of EnergieGRIP. By collecting company-specific information, distribution network operators can better estimate and anticipate the capacity needed, so that the energy network can offer the required capacity and flexibility.

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The consortium includes Elia Asset, Fluvius, Fluxys, Datavillage and, of course, Athumi as a neutral player. A proof of concept is being worked out with these parties, as well as a process to shape the long-term vision, architecture and management of EnergieGRIP.

ItsE: tracking information on assets across the lifecycle

Assets can be many things, but ItsE focuses on devices and installations connected to the electricity grid, such as home batteries, solar panels, charging stations and heat pumps. The aim is to create an innovative application that allows to register and retrieve information about these assets.

This can achieve several sustainability goals:

  • Traceability of decentralised assets to estimate lifespan and make provisions for reuse/recycling.
  • Digital access to assets for flexibility products.
  • Development of valuable applications during the lifecycle.
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ItsE is a collaboration between Fluvius, KBC, Bebat en Athumi.

Besides energy, there are other areas in which Athumi helps make a difference by making more data more available. Take a look at our website to discover them.

Do you want to participate? Do you have ideas that align with our mission? Contact us with a question or proposal!

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