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Adequate technology is essential for secure data exchange between parties. Our scalable services build secure data collaboration, in line with 'privacy by design'. The resulting, reliable and transparent data collaborations add value across sectors.

The guarantees of our pioneering technologies

Our purpose is to enable consumers to retain control over their personal data and to bring data vaults to the market in collaboration with private partners. To this end, we are developing an innovative data-sharing platform.

We build cross-sector data collaboration solutions that bring you to the next level by virtue of their standardised services and technical building blocks, developed within a unique Flemish and European legal framework.

We decouple data from applications, creating true data collaboration within secure data ecosystems. The data technologies these ecosystems are based upon ensure fast and easy data exchange.

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Secure data collaboration


Personal & Smart Data Spaces and Data Collaboration Platforms are the solutions for your application, your business model and the data collaboration you need. Our products and solutions warrant secure data ecosystems.

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