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Trust in data collaboration

Athumi helps companies make more data more usable and thus boost the Flemish data economy. As a neutral partner, we facilitate complex challenges in datatech, new data-driven ecosystems and cross-sectoral innovations. Are you ready for data collaboration?

Athumi – your reliable partner for data collaboration

We are a newly public company bound by a statutory mandate to process personal and sensitive corporate data in a smart and secure way, ensuring that all who share their data through our services and partners retain full control and transparency. Verify why we deserve your trust.

Discover who we are

From problem to solution: Randstad

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Would you like to collaborate with athumi as a software integrator?

That's possible! We would like to enter into a dialogue about the ways in which we can jointly develop the data economy to make more data more usable in more applications.

Profielfoto Frederik Van Outryve

Frederik Van Outryve

Lead Sales & Partners

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Collective impact: our partner ecosystem

(video in Dutch)


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