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We are convinced we will tap into new prosperity when consumers and businesses retain control of their data. This conviction is reflected in our mission to encourage and facilitate data sharing. Crucial to this is the activation of innovative data solutions among companies and control over data.

We believe that:

  • we will get more insights from more data, which will create social and economic progress
  • in a context of greater trust, we will be able to get more and better data to flow, which will lead to new services
  • we need to facilitate transparent data ecosystems that businesses and citizens justifiably trust
  • a unified European data space should be created to enable all this beyond Flanders

We are at the service of:

  • businesses → by making data more usable, we pave the way for new commercial services and products
  • consumers → by guaranteeing more control over personal data, enabling them to participate safely in innovative services

Our company is building:

  • an intelligent data traffic changer:
    = a neutral third party that inspires trust
    = a level playing field for all parties
    = an answer to the challenges inherent in a data-driven economy by providing the requisite infrastructure without disrupting the market
  • personal data vaults:
    = secure and protected storage of personal data
    = active consent management and greater control over who sees what data
    = the basis for increased citizen trust in the data economy

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