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Solid: vault technology for consumers and businesses

Our vault technology is a unique 'secure and privacy-by-design' solution that offers secure personal and confidential data storage to consumers and businesses. They decide which applications get access to certain data in exchange for value-added services. With this platform, we are creating a crucial pillar of the data economy.

Secure and decentralised storage of personal and confidential data with Solid

The Solid concept, coined by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, whose ideas helped found the World Wide Web, stems from his concerns regarding consumer data hoarded by companies, over which consumers no longer have any control. These data are stuck in silos, which means they cannot flow and collaborate. 

Solid is defining a set of specifications for standards to ensure that people and businesses can keep their data secure and decentralised in a Solid Pod (Personal Online Datastore)

This vault technology has several advantages: 

  • Security: personal and confidential data are encrypted and stored in a personal data vault. 
  • Control: consumers have control over their own data vault and the data it contains: they decide which data they share with which companies, governments or organisations and for how long. 
  • Ease of use: both consumers and companies save time and money by being able to share reliable data more efficiently, in line with 'privacy-by-design'. 
  • Reliability: our company is a reliable partner that ensures sound management and operation of the data vault platform with legal guarantees ensuring that consumers and businesses retain control of personal and confidential data and security. 

Data collaboration with vault technology

Renewed confidence in controlled data sharing and collaboration facilitates new applications that add value for consumers. 

Offering innovative services enables companies to ensure consumers save time and money while using online services with greater control of their personal data.

For example: 

  • Sharing your career data with employers and other parties who may provide career optimisation services. 
  • Communicating a change of address, birth or death from the personal data vault to dozens of companies, governments and organisations at once. 
  • More efficient housing and renovation advice by sharing EPC, energy consumption, family composition, ... 
  • Sharing sleep and exercise data from smart watches with a GP, dietician or personal trainer. 

Vault technology puts consumers back in control of their data and gives companies - with the consumer's explicit consent- access to previously inaccessible data. 

Data vault technology example

Moreover, companies no longer need to invest time and money searching, storing and updating data and are free to focus on innovative products and services. All this contributes to the development of the data economy. 

Our view on the role of vault technology

Our team is pioneering the implementation of this pioneering vault technology. We are working closely with SolidLab and Imec to make Flanders the leader in Solid vault technology in Europe and the world.   

We are working on concrete applications to demonstrate the added value, often in collaboration with the business world. All these investments ensure that we build products and components for a smooth data flow and limit the risks and costs for partners who engage with us.

Deploy vault technology in your business or sector

We are collaborating with industries on data ecosystems for sectors such as HR, health, real estate and energy. Our cloud technology enables data to be deployed and innovated across sectors.

See what solutions we realise as a trusted partner, participate in existing data ecosystems or get inspired to create a new data ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions about Solid

What does Solid stand for?

Solid is a specification that complements existing web standards to create an environment where individuals can maintain autonomy, control their data and choose applications and services that meet their needs. It allows consumers to securely store their data in decentralised data vaults called Pod. 

When data is stored in a person's Pod, he decides which people and applications can access it. This way enables ethical, decentralised storage, management and transfer of personal data.

What can a company do with Solid?

Thanks to our Solid specifications and the vault platform built on it, companies and administrations can share data faster with organisations and build new innovative solutions, while allowing the consumer to decide whether and to what extent to give them access to that data.

Why can Solid be trusted on a technical level?
  • The Solid data vault platform created by our company is the first production-ready of its kind that is fully GDPR and Schrems2 compliant.
  • It gives substance to digital and data sovereignty, thus fulfilling European governments' ambition to give consumers more control over what happens to their data.
  • It is designed based on the principles of security and 'privacy by design', including, among other things, full encryption of the data.

Frequently asked questions about Solid Pods

What do Athumi Pods stand for?

Athumi Pods are 'Personal Online Datastores', personal data vaults where consumers can store their personal data and choose who has access to what data and for what period in time.

What can a company do with Athumi Pods?
A company can use the Solid data vault platform to manage personal data in line with 'privacy by design', making it visible to and available to the person (customer) as a value-added service. The Pods or data vaults are the technology that enables this.

How does an Athumi Pod?

An Athumi Pod is unique thanks to the data model that is 'linked', making the data machine-readable without customisation or manual intervention. This data vault is very different from, say, a Dropbox where you put a PDF document, for example, without any more. 

With the Athumi Pod, we detach data from applications, which is now locked up in a specific model of the application builder. This way, true data collaboration emerges, and secure data ecosystems are established. Thus, our personal Pod not only enables secure data storage, but, above all, is designed to share data with trusted parties while maintaining full control and transparency.

Secure, reliable, non-exclusive data ecosystems

Our partners

We always realise products and solutions in data spaces by working together. Together with our partners, we put Flanders on the map as a world player in datatech.

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