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First 150,000 data transactions via Real Estate Information Platform, lead time halves

More than 150,000 real estate transactions have already used the Real Estate Information Platform (REIP) in Flanders, which has halved the processing time. This platform offers a fast and efficient way to request all relevant real estate information for buyers, sellers and professional service providers. With one unified digital channel and availability of 320 data sources, REIP ensures a smooth experience in real estate transactions.

Flemish citizens can consult their urban planning extract digitally

After the pilot phase, the data utility company Athumi is now launching the Real Estate Information Platform (REIP) throughout Flanders. This platform is revolutionizing the Flemish real estate sector and ensures that buying and selling real estate is a lot smoother and faster.

More than 150,000 real estate transactions have already used the platform in recent months. The time to request all relevant real estate information fell from an average of 20 to 11 days.

"The Real Estate Information Platform is a milestone in the digitization of real estate information in Flanders. Through collaboration between the government, Athumi and key partners such as Fednot and CIB, we promote efficiency, transparency and accessibility in real estate transactions. This initiative contributes to a modern and smooth experience for notaries, real estate agents and citizens, and positions Flanders as a pioneer in the field of digital real estate information."

Prime Minister of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Culture, Digitalization and Facility Management

The Real Estate Information Platform offers one channel for requesting real estate information by professional service providers. A total of 320 data sources are already available on the platform, and this offering is expanding even further. Real estate agents, notaries, Flemish and local authorities exchange the information required for a real estate transaction.

This platform offers enormous time savings for the real estate sector. In the past, applications were processed through the individual counters of 300 local authorities. Such an application can now be submitted via the central Real Estate Information Platform, regardless of which municipality the plot is located in. The requested information is always delivered digitally in a uniform manner. All local authorities are now connected to the platform.

"This initiative ensures that real estate information reaches notary offices more quickly. This not only benefits notaries and their employees, but also citizens. The notary offices can interpret the data more quickly and intervene if problems arise in a file. This way they can optimally assist and provide advice to their clients."

Jan Sap

CEO Fednot

Make real estate data flow more smoothly

The most important advantage for the real estate sector and citizens is that requesting information in the context of a real estate transaction is a lot smoother and faster.

This has halved the average time to request all information about a field to 11 days. In the future, this period may decrease even further as more and more information can be automatically requested and shared via the one-stop shop of the Real Estate Information Platform.

"The real estate information platform is an important catalyst for the digitization of all information available about land and buildings, such as heritage and soil information, whether it concerns agricultural or residential areas. This will ultimately allow local authorities to process other applications much more easily and quickly, such as environmental permits."

Mayor of the City of Genk and Chairman of the VVSG

More information, also for citizens

In the coming months, Athumi and its partners will continue to work on adding additional information and data sources that can be offered via the platform. This is, for example, the case for the OVAM soil certificate. The Real Estate Information Platform has ambitious growth plans and is continuously working on connecting additional partners.

In the future, citizens will also be able to consult all information about their own plot thanks to the platform. This is done via My Citizen Profile - the counter of the Flemish government -, which can be done both via the web and via the mobile app. Today, citizens can download the urban planning extract there.

"As real estate agents, we are the first point of contact from the start of the sale. The Real Estate Information Platform ensures that we can inform sellers and (potential) buyers faster and better about one of the most important decisions in their lives. The REIP is therefore in line with our ambitions of sustainable digitalization of the sector through RealSmart."

Stephan De Witte

Director CIB

An initiative of the Flemish Government, local authorities and the real estate sector in Flanders

In March 2021, after a feasibility study by the Flemish government, the Flemish Government, together with the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG), the Professional Association of Real Estate Agents (CIB) and the Federation of Notaries (Fednot), decided to build the Real Estate Information Platform. This was completed at the end of 2023 and all partners are now connected.

The Flemish Parliament has now ratified the initiative by decree, making the use of the Real Estate Information Platform mandatory for all parties involved.

"The decree and the Real Estate Information Platform provide a powerful basis for organizing the exchange of real estate information smoothly and securely. Citizens and professional service providers should have easier access to quality real estate information in the interest of a more efficient real estate market"

Sammy Parmentier

Business Unit Lead Real Estate, Athumi

About Athumi

Athumi, the Flemish data utility company, was founded by the Flemish Government and profiles itself as a neutral third party that plays a facilitating role by bringing data collaborations across economic sectors and across the boundaries of public and private within reach.

Founded with the aim of making more data more usable for more companies, Athumi is responsible for, among other things, the development and management of the Real Estate Information Platform.

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