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Athumi as facilitator of data ecosystems

Data ecosystems are value chains where data from multiple parties can flow securely and smoothly as specified in prearranged agreements. This way, companies and sectors cooperate and achieve more with less. We adopt a 'leading by example' approach that supports developing and managing new ecosystems.

What is a data ecosystem?

The data ecosystem is a crucial element of the data economy. Within ecosystems, organisations, consumers and governments can engage in controlled, secure data exchange. So data can flow faster and become reusable.

We build these data ecosystems on solid pillars:

  • Solutions and components that provide the technical connectivity to make data flow from data provider to the data consumer. We work independently of technology, putting business needs first.
  • Semantic data interoperability by applying international, open standards that make data interpretable and deployable across business contexts.
  • Organisational agreements with partners regarding setting up or adjusting processes at their end (only when strictly necessary).
  • A governance model approved by partners that allows them to set up, monitor and adjust each of the above-mentioned components of this set of agreements where necessary.

This approach creates a level playing field that allows companies to seize new opportunities for innovation and growth by leveraging one or more of the data spaces being developed.

The advantages of a data ecosystem

Data ecosystems offer a wide range of benefits to companies and sectors looking to harness the potential of the data economy: 

  • Cross-sector solutions, by taking data out of silos and making them easier to share.
  • Better, cheaper solutions for each participating party thanks to the chain approach.
  • Data ecosystems allow new partners to join faster.
  • Shared investments reduce costs per participating party.

We are the connecting factor in a data ecosystem

Setting up a data ecosystem requires integrating different interests and goals. We bring parties together and fulfil the role of trusted partner for creating data ecosystems[1] . As a neutral public company, we work within a legal framework that offers security to companies, sectors and consumers. Furthermore, we are obliged by decree to give consumers and companies control over their data in the data ecosystems we create. 

Pioneer in Europe

We are the first in Europe to set up a production environment based on the Solid standard for personal data vaults. This result offers Flanders a head start as a frontrunner in data spaces containing personal data flows.

What is a data ecosystem?

Within a data ecosystem, companies, consumers, organisations and governments can confidently exchange data. Within ecosystems, the various participants can collaborate to develop and market new products and services more quickly. The big advantage is that ecosystems also work across sectors and encourage innovations.

How does a data ecosystem come about?

An independent, trusted third party brings partners together, facilitates them regarding infrastructure, provides the legal framework and guarantees interoperability and governance at all levels. This way of working allows the partners to develop demand-driven new products, services, technologies and innovative ideas without encountering obstacles of any kind.

What are the prerequisites for a thriving data ecosystem?

Successful data ecosystems require a multi-faceted approach that addresses the technical, legal and organisational challenges of effectively managing and leveraging data.

What does a data ecosystem deliver to partners?

While digital transformation has an immense impact on society, companies and sectors are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with this independently. Data flow across sectoral and national boundaries, making it almost impossible for big companies and sectors to address this individually. Participating in a data ecosystem, on the other hand, can create a virtuous circle of innovation and value creation that benefits all partners involved. 

By sharing data, partners can unlock new growth opportunities, improve efficiency and effectiveness and create positive social and environmental impact. 

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