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Government commissioners

To ensure that good management and governance conditions are always met, the Flemish government has appointed two government commissioners.

The two government commissioners each perform specific monitoring tasks:

  1. Checking athumi's operation for compliance with applicable laws, decrees, statutes and the cooperation agreement.
  2. Ensuring that all athumi's decisions with a budgetary or financial impact are taken in accordance with legal and decree obligations.

Furthermore, the following provisions apply to these government commissioners:

  • They guarantee the protection of personal data when granting access to such data through applications of athumi by ensuring that the advice of the advisory committee is sought to inform the decision-making.
  • They attend meetings of athumi's bodies in an advisory capacity.
  • They receive the full agenda of those bodies' meetings and all documents related to them before the meetings begin.
  • They always have access to all documents and writings upon simple request.
  • They may request any information and clarifications from members of the bodies and staff members and make any verifications they deem necessary to the performance of their duties.
  • They can lodge a reasoned appeal with the Flemish Government against any of athumi's decisions if they believe the decision does not comply with the applicable laws, decrees and statutes or the cooperation agreement.

Government commissioners:

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