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Athumi as a reliable partner

Trust is necessary to enable data applications. We ensure this by acting as a neutral third party, in the role of 'ecosystem facilitator' that brings the right parties together to tackle complicated problems jointly and in a coordinated way with a solution that can scale Europe-wide. In doing so, each participant remains in control of the data contributed to the ecosystem.

Trust is key

Developing the data economy requires data to become more usable by more companies in more applications. This requires trust. A lack of trust leads to less data sharing and thus acts as a brake on the growth of the data economy.

The data paradox

At the moment, companies need more consumer confidence in the sharing of personal data. Imec's digimeter shows that 7 out of 10 people in Flanders do not trust companies sufficiently. Meanwhile, consumers are keen to use new digital services to make their lives easier. This data paradox hinders the development of the Flemish data economy. As a result, companies are – of necessity – spending more time searching for data sources than developing scalable, innovative applications. 

It is time to restore that trust, as it is the breeding ground for the data economy. Users should: 

  • be confident that their data is safe (security)
  • have insight into their data and the parties that have access to it (transparency)
  • have full control over who can access and use their data (control)

  Only then will consumers, businesses and governments confidently take that step toward a data economy where consumers can safely participate in new data-driven services without relinquishing control over their data and where companies can build on this trust to bring innovative digital services to consumers. 

A neutral, independent and reliable partner

We operate as a reliable partner, acting as a neutral third party, facilitating, developing and managing new data ecosystems on request.

Our role is legally anchored: as a neutral public company, we have to operate within a clear legal framework. Its scope has been determined in extensive consultation with privacy bodies and experts, companies, governments and academics, and established by our founding decree.  

Our role fully subscribes to the relevant European framework, allowing us to participate in projects outside Flanders. The Data Governance Act (DGA) provides a solid mechanism for the re-use of certain categories of protected public data, ensuring increased trust in data mediation services and more extraordinary data altruism across the European Union.

Regulation is an important part of the European data strategy, the purpose of which is to support the data economy. Our company is one of the first entities to aspire to a role as a provider of data mediation services as a neutral party.

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