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Athumi's ecosystem approach

Trust is essential for data applications. We act as a neutral third party, an 'ecosystem facilitator', bringing the right parties together cross-sectorally to jointly tackle complex problems with scalable solutions.

Proven method for secure data ecosystems that pay off

In data ecosystems, data from different parties are exchanged securely and efficiently on the basis of pre-arranged agreements. This promotes cooperation between companies and sectors, allowing them to achieve more with less effort. Our approach, based on the principle of 'leading by example', supports the development and management of new ecosystems.

  1. Pre-analysis: 
    In this phase, we seek to properly understand the needs of the market and whether there is an opportunity/willingness to form an ecosystem.
  2. Business case:
    if the pre-analysis shows that value can be created in the ecosystem, the parties contributing to that value and in what capacity are examined.
  3. Sandbox:
    when industry players have a need to experiment with new technology together, this can be done through the Athumi Sandbox environment.
  4. Community building:
    Bringing together decision-makers, frontrunners and different economic sectors is part of the strategy we are pursuing to achieve more data collaboration.
  5. Data & ecosystem governance:
    we set up and manage the necessary data and ecosystem governance processes, as well as consult data standards in collaboration with Digitaal Vlaanderen.
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Secure data collaboration


Personal & Smart Data Spaces and Data Collaboration Platforms are key to enhancing your application and business model and to obtaining the data collaboration you need. Our products and solutions warrant secure data ecosystems.

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