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Trust in data collaboration

Our products and solutions allow private companies to engage in swift and safe data collaboration. New data-driven ecosystems and cross-sectoral innovations are emerging due to our innovative datatech and legaltech solutions. Are you ready for data collaboration?

athumi – your reliable partner for data collaboration

We are a newly public company bound by a statutory mandate to process personal and sensitive corporate data in a smart and secure way, ensuring that all who share their data through our services and partners retain full control and transparency. Verify why we deserve your trust.

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HR data flows for the first time from athumi data vaults

In the HR sector, Randstad and athumi have implemented the first successful end-to-end usage application in a production-ready Solid environment. A success for all partners!

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Smart data vault technology gives back control to consumers and private companies

Personal data spaces

We offer private companies the means to offer innovative B2C services by committing to Personal & Smart Data Spaces. Discover our projects and engage in collaboration.

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Scalable services for data collaboration


Our products and services support the development of interoperable, secured, powerful data spaces and bring new business models, driven by data collaboration, within reach. To this end, datatech and legaltech go hand in hand.

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Count on trust in data collaboration. We are happy to help you with your data project.