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HR data flows for the first time from athumi data vaults

In the HR sector, Randstad and athumi have implemented the first successful end-to-end usage application in a production-ready Solid environment.

Candidates easily create a data vault online via My Citizen Profile in three simple clicks. It is a digital, personal data vault where they securely store data from the source - in this case, a diploma - and share it with Randstad. Candidates permit to share their diplomas, which any candidate can also revoke at any time. This way of working is new.

All candidates confirmed the successful user experience of the application. The application was fast, easy and secure. We are committed to scientific observation to complete the necessary optimisations around the user experience.

With this first case, athumi now convincingly demonstrates that the innovative process works end-to-end in a production-ready Solid environment. Thus, athumi establishes data collaboration in an ecosystem of partners, where consumers control their data via a personal data vault. They can engage with this smoothly and securely. These actions are a first step. In the future, athumi plans to support different cases in this and other domains, deploy more data and launch new products.

Want to know more about the diploma case? Are you looking for data collaboration? Join a Solid Community info session on 16 June 2023 and discover Solid's potential.

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